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ProMediaGear Ball Head BH50 with C60 Clamp Designed for Mirrorless & DSLR Cameras.
The BH50 Ball Head combines years or research and American Manufacturing, provides rock solid grip on camera, with ease.  Features Arca-Type standard mount with extra wide clamp opening for ultimate compatibility. It has been machined from solid Aluminum T6061 blocks and stainless steel. 
The BH50 type ball head is a large size 50mm ball, with big round dial for just the right amount of tension quickly, even with gloves.   Quality is what you would expect from ProMediaGear.
For smooth operation dial in just the right amount of tension via tension-dial, and be able to nudge the camera into correct position without re-tentioning.   Make photography fun again with the BH50 Ball Head from ProMediaGear. 
The BH50 Ball Head works with Arca-Type plates (mounts to tripod via 3/8 16” standard) The Large Mechanical Friction Knob on the ball head allows to swing it side to side so that any position can be achieved.  It features either #C40 or #C60 Clamp that is free to move around or fall into the 90° Drop Slots while the Pan Lock Knob allows to rot