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ProMediaGear TR344L Tripod
ProMediaGear TR343 Tripod

ProMediaGear PRO-STIX, 34-Series Carbon Fibre Tripods

The PRO-STIX, 34-Series, Carbon Fibre Tripods are designed and built for the professional photographer or videographer looking for the toughest and most rugged yet portable tripod. The 34- series tripods are rated to support loads up to 27.2kg. The apex features an interchangeable flat plate that can be removed and transitioned to our #TRB3475 75mm Levelling Bowl insert (sold separately).


ProMediaGear PRO-STIX, 42-Series Carbon Fibre Tripods

ProMediaGear TR424L Tripod

The PRO-STIX, 42-SERIES, 4 section Carbon Fibre Tripods are the professionals choice. The 42-series features a precision machined truss apex for superior rigidity, function and style. Coupled with a 42mm diameter, 10x layer, carbon fibre legs we created the best in class weight to strength ratio of any comparable tripod!

Available with 75mm and 100mm bowl options (sold


42 Series Core Features:

* T6061 Lightweight Aluminium Apex

* 42mm 10x layer Carbon Fibre Legs

* 3 Angle Adjustments

* Tension Adjustable Leg Mechanism

* Spring Loaded Apex w/ Safety

* Interchangeable Mount

* Hardened Stainless Steel Spikes

* Spirit Level

* Max Load Capacity: 56.7kg

* Made in the USA


Leg Sections -   4

Max Height-      196cm

Min Height-       17.02cm

Folded Length-  67cm

Weight-             2.903kg




The ProMediaGear #BH1 Ball Head was engineered for a bold entry into the crowded ball head category and is definitely a head turner. Our head is meticulous and elegant in design yet extremely simple in use. Every effort has been made to make this a pleasant and reliable Arca compatible head to use everyday.

BH1 Core Features:

* Weight 898 grams

* Load Capacity 9kg

* Quick Release Arca Clamp

* Over sized locking Knob

* Built in Spirit Level

* 3/4-16 Mounting thread

* Made in the USA


The #HM1 Monopod Tilt Head is designed around our Arca-Type Clamp and is engineered featuring oversized handles that allow convenient ergonomics and comfort in one. The base of the #HM1 is equipped with 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 threaded mounting adapters to fit any set up.

HM1 Core Features

* Quick Release Arca Clamp

* Innovative Tilt Lever

* Built in Spirit level

* 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 Mounting options

* Made in the USA

PMG 42-Series and 34-Series Monopods


The TR42M 42-series Monopod from ProMediaGear is a 4 section, lightweight carbon Fibre Camera support. This monopod is designed for the most demanding photographer, over engineered for maximum support, features industry thickest legs at 42mm. Utilising only 4 sections allows for maximum stability and fastest set up times. Collapses to only 49.5cm and extends all the way to 154cm. Features industry first only Arca type integrated clamp for quick mounting, includes PBX3 plate. Weight without pad is only 679 grams.


* 4 section 10x Layer Carbon Fibre

* Reversible Stainless steel spike

* Neoprene 10 inch leg wrap

* Neoprene Carry strap

* Load Capacity 31.75kg

* Lightest in class



The TR34M 34-series Monopod has the same sort of qualities as its bigger counterpart but has its thickest leg at 34mm, collapses to 50.2cm and extends to slightly longer at 160cm, weighs only 535 grams, comes with a standard 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Thread mount ( no built in clamp).

* 4 section 10x Layer Carbon Fibre

* Reversible Stainless Steel spike

* Neoprene 10inch velcro Leg Wrap

* Neoprene Carry strap

* Load Capacity 22kg

* Lightest in Class, only 535 grams

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