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The BLSA is a 5/8" Light Stand Adapter Spigot with a milled side flat and dual bottom anti-rotation flats. The perfect accessory for our Boomerang Flash Bracket to mount larger flashes that require a 5/8 adapter such as the Profoto B1, B2, Elinchrom, Godox Heads and many more....

Our ProMediaGear #BLSA Spigot is manufactured in the USA out of Stainless Steel and was machined with a few special features.

• Milled Anti-Rotation Flats on the Bottom. Fits into our Boomerang Flash Bracket Mounting Plate and prevents rotation. 
• Milled Anti-Rotation Flat on the Side of the Adapter to prevent Flash Head rotation.
• 1/4-20 Female threads on Top / Bottom
• Fits Multiple Configurations

BLSA 5/8” Light Stand Adapter Mount with female thread top/bottom

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