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The BLSA5A is a 5 in. Tall, 5/8 in. Aluminum Light Stud Adapter Mount with 1/4-20 female threads on the Top/Bottom. The lightweight Light Stud Adapter is a popular accessory with our Boomerang Flash Bracket System. The BLSA5A allows you to mount larger popular lights such as the Profoto B1, B2, Elinchrom, Godox and similar. The BLSA5A is also a great accessory getting the light elevated to use a small light modifier such as a soft box, beauty dish or umbrella. The increased height will also benefit your photos by reducing or eliminating Red Eye.

• Milled Anti-Rotation Flats on the Bottom. Fits into our Boomerang Flash Bracket Mounting Plate and prevents rotation. 
• Milled Anti-Rotation Flat on the Side of the Adapter to prevent Flash Head rotation.
• 5-inches Tall
• Anodized Black Aluminum
• 1/4-20 Female threads on Top / Bottom
• Manufactured in the USA
• 5 Year Warranty

Price inc Postage


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