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Our #CS2 Low Profile, Cold Shoe features a High Strength Aluminum Adapter with 1/4-20 Recessed Top Mount.

Integrated into the #CS2 cold shoe are (2) removable front safety stops to keep your gear secure and in place. The bottom of the #CS2 feature (2) Types of Anti-Rotation. The first are the milled sides. These grooves pair strategically into many ProMediaGear accessories, most notably the top of the #BBX and #BBGv2 Boomerang Flash Bracket Series. These grooves lock the adapter into place keeping it from rotating loose. The second Anti-Rotation opportunity are the (2) holes drilled into the bottom. These holes align with similar holes in our #HB70 Handle many of our L-Brackets and other gear. When used in conjunction with our Anti-Rotation Pins (sold separately) the pins keep the #CS2 from being able to rotate loose.

Machined from T6061 Aluminum, this durable and useful accessory will be something you keep forever. Made in the USA.

Price includes postage Australia wide

CS2 Low Profile Aluminium Cold Shoe, Adapter to Flash Brackets, Handles etc

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